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Audition, Game 3D offline ( PC )

Games #1

Audition, Game 3D offline!!! ( PC ) |  900 Mb

Requires that you fastened hands and quick eyes.With this version on your computer does not want internet.
Audition also known as dances heaven (Dancing Paradise Server) in Japan, is a gallant on the network to download and is produced by the house T3 Entertainment.
Source start and still very popular in South Korea, Audit

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World Book 2011 v15 - MacOSX.

Software #2
World Book 2011 v15 - MacOSX.

World Book 2011 v15 | MacOSX | 2.57 GB

The wonders of our world are captured in this new edition of World Book. See how a killer tornado is formed. Witness the notorious Berlin Wall coming down. Watch cheetahs running seventy miles an hour. See how ancient Egyptians made mummies. The journey begins here.
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New Thinking About Genetics

E-Books #3
New Thinking About Genetics

New Thinking About Genetics by Kara Rogers

Rosen Education Service | 2010 | ISBN: 1615301046, 1615301690 | 274 pages | PDF | 15 MB

Today, almost everyone has heard about DNA analysis from crime shows on television. It?s how the police catch bad guys. But it can also be a way to find good guys. Since the 1990s, the remains of U.S. soldiers have been positively identified through enhanced procedures using mitochondrial DNA, which provides information about maternal lineage. In 2008 and 2009, for instance, the remains of U.S. Vietnam pilots who have been missing in action since the late 1960s and Operation Desert Storm pilots who have been missing since 1991 were positively identified using mitochondrial DNA analysis.
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Human Genome Epidemiology, 2nd Edition

E-Books #4

Muin Khoury, Sara Bedrosian, Marta Gwinn, Julian Higgins, John Ioannidis, Julian Little, "Human Genome Epidemiology, 2nd Edition: Building the Evidence by reason of Using Genetic Information to Improve Health and Prevent Disease"
Oxford University Press, USA | 2010 | ISBN: 0195398440 | 704 pages | PDF | 3,8 MB

The rudimentary edition of Human Genome Epidemio

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Enter the Dragon (1973) BDRip x264-DMZ

Movies #5

Enter the Dragon (1973) BDRip x264-DMZ
01:42:32 | 848x368 | x264 - 867Kbps | 23.976fps | AAC - 128Kbps | 728MB
Genre: Action | Crime | Drama | Thriller

Enter the Dragon revolves round the three main characters. Lee, a man recruited by an operation to investigate a tournament hosted by Han, since they believe he has each Opium trade there.

Roper and Williams are f

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VA ? Buddha-Bar Vol VII

Music #6
VA ? Buddha-Bar Vol VII
VA ? Buddha-Bar Vol VII
2CD | MP3 320 Kbps CBR | Electronic/Loungue/Downtempo | 341 MB
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Battlefield Vietnam PC Rip

Games #7
Battlefield Vietnam PC Rip

Battlefield Vietnam Rip l English l PC l Size 338MB
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Battlefield Vietnam Rip (PC)

Games #8
Battlefield Vietnam Rip (PC)

Battlefield Vietnam Rip (PC)
English l PC l Size 338MB
Genre : Action
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Air Conflicts (PC)

Games #9

Air Conflicts (PC)
PC Game | Language : English | 225 MB
Genre: WWII Flight Sim

Air Conflicts is one arcade flight simulator game set in World War II, featuring the aircraft of this end and historically inspired missions. The emphasis is on intense dogfights, adventurous bombing raids and exciting aerial missions.

* Pick Up & Play - not straitened to lea

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Indochina Now and Then

E-Books #10

Indochina Now and Then

George Fetherling, "Indochina Now and Then"
2012 | ISBN-10: 155488425X | 224 pages | EPUB | 2 MB

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Tunnel Rats (ENG/PC)

Games #11

Tunnel Rats (ENG/PC)
PC | English | 436,74 MB
Genre: Action

Tunnel Rats is a untaught and intense singleplayer shooter for PC that depicts the horrific realities of the Vietnam War while seen through the eyes of a young US soldier.

As subordinate part of a Tunnel Rats squad, the player is trained to clearing in a puzzle the huge tunnel systems underneath the ju

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Inception (2010)+ Up [Pixar] 2009 x264-utkuemre

Movies #12


[b1. Up [Pixar] 2009 x264-utkuemre[/b]
2. Inception (2010)

[b1. Up [Pixar] 2009 x264-utkuemre[/b]

Up [Pixar] 2009 x264-utkuemre

English | 01:34:28 | 512x384 | avc1 - 407Kbps | 23.976fps | AAC - 128Kbps - 48Khz | 299MB
Genre: Animation | Adventure | Comedy | Family |

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History Channel - Sniper Inside The Crosshairs (2009) HDTV 720p x264-DHD

Movies » TV Shows #13

The deadliest weapon ~ward the battlefield is neither bullet nor gun; it's the ~some sniper. Journey inside the science and psychology behind the greatest shots in militia history, through the scope of the world's most extreme marksmen. Deconstruct the missions, ranging from Vietnam to Iraq to Afghanistan, presented ~ means of the men who were there and pulled the trigger. For the rudime

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VA - 1000% Blues (2010)

Music #14
VA - 1000% Blues (2010)
VA - 1000% Blues (2010)
Release: 2010 | mp3 | 192-256 kbps | 93 tracks | 676 Mb
Genre: Blues
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Wings Over Vietnam (PC/ENG)

Games #15
Wings Over Vietnam (PC/ENG)

Wings Over Vietnam (PC/ENG) | 358 MB

Year 2004 | PC game | English | Publisher: Bold Games | Developer: Third Wire

Genre: Jet Sim Game

Wings Over Vietnam recreates the intense air combat experience in the skies over North Vietnam at the height of the air campaign during the Vietnam War. Fly in historical missions including the Rolling Thunder campaign of 1965-1968 to the hard-hitting blows of the 1972 Linebacker II operations. Fight your way through North Vietnamese air defense during the Christmas B-52 bombing campaign, the air battle that brought North Vietnam to the edge of defeat.
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AC-130 Operation Devastation

Games #16

AC-130 Operation Devastation AC-130: Operation Devastation PC dauntless | English | Genre: Jet Sim | 112 MB It is your mission to carry on conventional and join special operation forces any time, any place America necessarily you. Pinpoint enemy locations at 300 mph and eliminate all forms of threat to your ground troops and the causes of liberty. Move lacking gunner!

Featuresb> * Fight day and night, in various weather conditions, above hostile territory spanning 30 years and 3 countries. * Use the planes plain light TV, infrared and radar sensors to locate and engage acres targets and the enemy. * Relive the history of the AC130 through mission spanning all modern US conflicts. * Target more than the foe. Destroy bridges, roads, and other infrastructure to disrupt enemy movements and missions. * Master the unfixed weapons configurations on the AC130 and outfit your gunship strategically as antidote to each unique mission. * Change history in 12 Historical Mode mission including Vietnam: Vietnam Conflict, Iraq: Desert Storm and SOG Team Extraction Close Fire Support. * Take etc. the enemy with unlimited ammunition in Panama, Vietnam and Iraq in 6 strong-action Arcade Mode missions. Minimum requirements - Windows XP/Vista - Pentium III 1.4GHz or compatible - 256MB RAM - 250MB Free HD Space - DirectX 9.0 - 16-whit DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card and drivers - 64MB video card or higher - 8x CD-ROM propel - Keyboard, Mouse Download

Download AC-130 Operation Devastation (Rapidshare):

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Iron Storm (Portable)

Games #17
Iron Storm (Portable)

Iron Storm (Portable)
PC | Windows | EN | 4X Studios | 947 Mb
Genre: Historic First-Person Shooter

Have you ever wondered what the 1960s would have been like had World War I never ended? Probably not. Yet here's Iron Storm, a first- and third-person shooter that attempts to answer the question no one asked. Its story doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and it's sometimes frustratingly difficult, but Iron Storm is a reasonably successful action game, which is what counts.
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Blues - Ballads (2004)

Music #18
Blues - Ballads (2004)
Blues - Ballads (2004)
Blues ,Ballads | 4CD | MP3 | VBR kbps | 701 Mb
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Known and Unknown

E-Books #19
Known and Unknown
Known and Unknown
Known and Unknown
Publisher: Penguin Audio | ASIN: B004MON3YK | 2011 | Length: 30 hour(s) and 11 min | MP3 128kbps | 1.62GB
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Going to the Wars by Sir Max Hastings

E-Books #20

Going to the Wars through Sir Max Hastings
Publisher: Pan Publishing | Date: April, 2001 | ISBN: 0330377108 | Pages: 416 | siPDF in RAR | 85 mb

"Max Hastings is the same of the greatest living war correspondents." John Keegan "A prodigious account of the wars of our times." William Shawcross, Literary Review "His memoirs hold ... ho

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Blackhorse Riders [Audiobook]

E-Books #21

Blackhorse Riders [Audiobook]

Blackhorse Riders: A Desperate Last Stand, an Extraordinary Rescue Mission, and the Vietnam Battle America Forgot (Audiobook) by Philip Keith
English | February 14, 2012 | ASIN: B0078XQWQS, ISBN: 1452656282 | MP3@96 kbps | 10 hrs 51 mins | 462 MB

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VA - We Love Disney 2 (2014)

Music #22

VA - We Love Disney 2 (2014)
Artist: Various Artists
Title Of Album: We Love Disney 2
Year Of Release: 2014
Label: Universal Music GmbH
Genre: French Pop, Kids Music
Quality: Mp3, 320 kbps
Total Time: 00:50:23
Total Size: 120 Mb

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[FS/HF]Drakensang The River Of Time-AdK04.10.10

Games #23

The highly acclaimed PC-RPG The Dark Eye: Drakensang was awarded "best German gamble" and "best German RPG" amongst many others. Drakensang: The River of Time features altogether-new adventures in the medieval world of Aventuria, based on unit of Europe's favourite RPG systems: The Dark Eye. The prequel's account of Drakensang: The River of Time leads players to events that took place 23 years before the

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Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam

Games #24
Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam

Marine Heavy Gunner: Vietnam
PC game | Genre: Historic First-Person Shooter | 286 MB

VIETNAM 1967: You are a Heavy Gunner, a Marine trained to handle the biggest, meanest guns the US Army can build. After a crash landing in ?hot? enemy territory, you and your platoon must track down a ruthless enemy leader and rescue your fallen comrades from a remote POW camp. Your mission will take you deep into the Vietnam jungle, across rivers, into tunnels and up heavily defended hills against overwhelming odds. Mount up soldier, your buddies are counting on you. Utilizing the power of the Unreal engine including Karma physics, Marine: Heavy Gunner is the next big action game in the top-selling Marine series from Groove Games, which also includes Marine: Sharpshooter and Marine: Sharpshooter II.
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Rambo First Blood 1982 720p BDRip XviD-kid

Movies #25

Rambo First Blood 1982 720p BDRip XviD
English | 93 mins | 1280 x 544 | 25fps | Xvid | MP3 - 131kbs | 2552 MB
Genre:Action | Adventure | Drama | Thriller

John J. Rambo is a author United States Special Forces soldier who fought in Vietnam and won the Congressional Medal of Honor, however his time in Vietnam still haunts him. As he came to Hope, Washington t

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