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Namo WebEditor 8 Suite Final

Software #1

Namo WebEditor 8 Suite Final | 131.23 MB

Namo WebEditor 2010 is individual of the most complete Web authoring applications ever created and quite possibly the only software you will need to create, edit, make known and manage your websites. An integrated development environment empowers Web professionals to originate cutting-edge sites. Easy-to-use functions enable beginners to be au

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Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1

Software » Multimedia #2
Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1
Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1 | 5.01 GB

Adobe eLearning Suite 6.1 software is an integrated toolbox for creating eLearning and HTML5-based mLearning content. Get the best tools for application simulation, product demos, digital imaging, rich animations, and audio production. Accelerate development with rapid prototyping, roundtripping workflows, and out-of-the-box assets like actors and smart interactions. Publish to SCORM- and AICC-compliant LMSs and easily track SWF, PDF, and HTML5 content.
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Science - 29 June 2012

E-Books » Magazine #3
Science - 29 June 2012
Science - 29 June 2012
English | 132 pages | HQ PDF | 123.00 Mb

Science is the academic journal of the American Association for the Advancement of Science and is considered one of the world's most prestigious scientific journals. The peer-reviewed journal, first published in 1880 is circulated weekly and has a print subscriber base of around 130,000. Because institutional subscriptions and online access serve a larger audience, its estimated readership is one million people.
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Empire Earth II (Rip) - BKT

Games #4

Empire Earth II

PC enterprise | Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy | 257 MB

From the discovery of fervency to the technological frontiers of the future, Empire Earth 2 serves up worldwide mastery on an epic scale. Players will take control of a young bird civilization and strive to forge the greatest of all empires. The undertaking builds upon the success of its predece

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Wings Over Vietnam (PC/ENG)

Games #5
Wings Over Vietnam (PC/ENG)

Wings Over Vietnam (PC/ENG) | 358 MB

Year 2004 | PC game | English | Publisher: Bold Games | Developer: Third Wire

Genre: Jet Sim Game

Wings Over Vietnam recreates the intense air combat experience in the skies over North Vietnam at the height of the air campaign during the Vietnam War. Fly in historical missions including the Rolling Thunder campaign of 1965-1968 to the hard-hitting blows of the 1972 Linebacker II operations. Fight your way through North Vietnamese air defense during the Christmas B-52 bombing campaign, the air battle that brought North Vietnam to the edge of defeat.
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Greed Corp-FLT (PC/2010)

Games #6
Greed Corp-FLT (PC/2010)

Greed Corp-FLT (PC/2010)
03 December 2010 | Developer & Publisher: W!Games | PC | English | ISO | 464.40 MB
Genre: Strategy

In Greed Corp, you must find the delicate balance between harvesting the land for resources and preserving it to stay alive. Will you defend your territory or sacrifice it to keep it out of enemy hands? Manage the finite available resources to build your army and use the collapsing terrain to your advantage. Destroy your enemies, or destroy the very land they stand on, before they do it to you. This game features a comprehensive single player campaign, introducing you to the four factions that inhabit the world. A large collection of unique maps is available outside of the campaign, specifically designed for 2, 3, or 4-player battles. Matches can be played with any combination of local, online and AI players, allowing for quick access to multiplayer action and offering multiple unlockables for a variety of challenges.
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F (2010) BDRip XviD-DMZ

Movies #7
F (2010) BDRip XviD-DMZ

F (2010) BDRip XviD-DMZ
AVI | 695.6 MiB | 624x352 | XviD @ 837 Kbps | English | AC3 @ 448 Kbps - 2 channels | 1h 15mn
Genre: Horror | Thriller

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Devil?s Woman (1996)

Movies #8
Devil?s Woman (1996)
Devil?s Woman (1996)
MKV | XVID | 1996 | LANG: Chinese | 640×352 (16:9) 128 kbps @48000Hz | 01:34:34 | 693 MB
Subtitle: English, Chinese | Genre: Crime, Horror
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Hide IP Easy

Software #9

Hide IP Easy
Hide IP Easy | 2.3 MB
Hide IP Easy hide your real IP with a fake one, surf anonymously, prevent hackers from monitoring your activity, and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with the click of a button.

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After Dusk They Come (2009) DVDRip XviD-DMZ

Movies #10

DVD | 640x352 | XviD @ 1013 kbps | English | MP3 128 kbps | 83 min | 707 Mb
Genre: Horror

src=" Links

links are interchangable. It way you can download any part of archive from any server and be able to extract it without proble

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Serious Sam HD 2010

Games #11
 Serious Sam HD 2010

Serious Sam HD 2010 | 2.16 GB
Genre: Action (Shooter)/3D/1st Person | Developer: Croteam, Devolver Digital | Platform: PC
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It is time to frolic as follows. Sam comes back, for what would spoil the holiday alien bastards! Make your way through crowds of enemies with the familiar and entirely new weapons. Tear monsters of all kinds for the British flag. Challenge the aggressive plans of moral freak Mental and save the world from an invasion of dirty space scum!
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Haunting Ground

Games #12
Haunting Ground
Haunting Ground
Publisher: Capcom
Developer: Capcom
Genre: Horror Action Adventure
Release Date: May 10 2005(more)
ESRB Descriptors: Blood Suggestive Themes Violence
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Choosing an Open Source CMS: Beginner's Guide

E-Books #13

- Understand various types of CMSs and select the one that best fits your necessarily
- Install and customize a CMS with themes and plug-ins
- Learn solution concepts of Content Management Systems and how to systematically assess your requirements
- Introduction to the greater CMSs including Joomla!, Drupal, WordPress, Plone, Magento, Alfresco, and more
- A hands-attached, easy-to-read guide that gives you practical tips on hosting, contrivance manageme

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Tony Hawks American Wasteland

Games #14

Tony Hawks American Wasteland l English l PC l Size 304MB
 Publisher: Aspyr
 Developer: Neversoft Ent.
 Genre: Skateboarding
 ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Crude Humor, Suggestive Themes, Violence, Language
 Tony Hawk's American Wasteland


No levels. No downloads. Only ~y endless drive up until you leave

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Altitude (2010)

Movies #15
      Altitude (2010)

Altitude (2010)
DVDRip | Lang & Subs (srt): English | avi | 688 x 288 | XviD @ 895 Kbps | AC3 2.0 @ 192 Kbps | 90 mins | 698 Mb
Genre: Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller
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Pulse 3 (2008) DvDrip XviD-DMZ

Movies #16
Pulse 3 (2008) DvDrip XviD-DMZ

Pulse 3 (2008) DvDrip XviD-DMZ
Language: English
91 Min | 640 x 352 | XviD - 934Kbps | 23.976fps | MP3 - 128Kbps | 701 MB
Genre: Horror | Sci-Fi

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Enigma: Rising Tide (Rip)

Games #17

Enigma: Rising Tide (Rip)

Enigma: Rising Tide (Rip)

PC fearless | Genre: Action Simulation | 172 MB

Enigma: Rising Tide is Tesseration Games latest PC bulge. Coming from former employees of Dynamix, the game will focus up~ the body the massive multiplayer online gaming genre (MMO). Set in a beyond different than our own, Enigma: Rising Tide puts players in

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Babylon Pro 9.0.0 r30 [618 MB]

Software #18
Babylon Pro 9.0.0 r30 [618 MB]

Babylon Pro 9.0.0 r30 [618 MB]

Babylon Pro 9.0.0 r30 | 618 MB
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nDrive Map Eastern Europe 2011.

Software #19
nDrive Map Eastern Europe 2011.

nDrive Map Eastern Europe 2011 | 485 MB
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International Poker Tour

Games #20

International Poker Tour
PC prey | English | Genre: Casino | 108 MB

Wager your way through seven not the same poker games in International Poker Tour Live. Hone your card skills offline through taking a number of tutorials that teach the ins and outs of No Limit Texas Hold 'Em, Seven Card Stud, Omaha, Five Card Stud, Chicago Hi/Lo, and Five Card Draw. Then take your most wise p

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Cold Fear PC - HOODLUM.

Games #21
Cold Fear PC - HOODLUM.

Cold Fear HOODLUM l English l PC l Size 1.51 GB

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Darkworks
Genre: Horror Action Adventure
ESRB Descriptors: Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Language

In Cold Fear the player takes on the role of Tom Hansen, a former soldier now in the employ of the United States Coast Guard who has been sent in to investigate a mysterious Russian whaler Eastern Spirit in the middle of the Bering strait. The beginning cut-scenes show a SEAL team under the orders of a CIA agent, identifying the ship and trying to discover its cargo. Unfortunately, the SEAL squad is slaughtered mercilessly by an unknown threat. CIA agent Bennett then orders any government vessel in the vicinity of the Russian boat to investigate, and it is Hansen's ship which responds. As Hansen, the player finds out that the boat is occupied by hostile Russian soldiers and by strange creatures, known as "exocels", that use humans and other life forms as hosts, to feed on and to use as protection from the environment. These parasites are a threat to Hansen from inside and outside their host bodies. His investigation leads to the mystery of the ship and its lethal cargo, as well as the unethical experiments which were being carried out aboard the ship.
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Super Hide IP

Software » Internet Tools #22
Super Hide IP

Super Hide IP | 5.6 MB

Do you know what your IP address means? Are you aware that your IP address is exposed every time you visit a website? Many websites and hackers use IP address to monitor your home address and other personal information. Your IP address is your online identity and could be used by hackers to break into your computer, steal personal information, or commit other crimes against you. Super Hide IP allows you to surf anonymously, keep your IP address hidden, protect your personal information against hackers and provide full encryption of your online activity, all with a simple click of a button.
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Tree Star FlowJo v7.6.3 [118MB]

Software #23
Tree Star FlowJo v7.6.3 [118MB]

Tree Star FlowJo v7.6.3 [118MB]

Tree Star FlowJo v7.6.3 | 118 MB
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Sins of a Solar Empire (PC/RIP)

Games #24

Players can conquer neighboring planets and explore distant star systems in a "massively scaly, fully 3D environment featuring entire galaxies, orbiting planets, clusters of asteroids, short time dust and radiant stars." In an interview with IGN, Ironclad monitor Blair Fraser suggests that the game's "Iron engine" is specially designed through new technologies that allow it to handle very large differ

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Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended (2010)

Software #25

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended (2010)
Description: Total Training on account of Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended: Essentials is learning the way it indispensably to be; informative and engaging with fast results. Follow along through real-world techniques, and time-saving tips presented in a unobstructed, concise manner that put the power of the world's leading image editing software in your hands.Amadou Diallo is a photographer, father, educator an

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