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Super Street - September 2012

E-Books » Magazine #1
Super Street - September 2012
Super Street - September 2012
English | PDF | 100 pages | 48.7 Mb

Super Street Magazine, Source Interlink Media, Inc, is dedicated to covering street racing, drifting videos, import and tuner models, import car racing JDM and much more from around the world. The import scene is covered with events, racing and shows.
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Land Rover Microcat 2010*

Software #2
Land Rover Microcat 2010*

Land Rover Microcat 2010 | 839 MB

Microcat Land Rover contains a catalog of parts for all models of Land Rover (1987 - 2010 years).
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Changing Climates, Earth Systems and Society

E-Books #3

John Dodson, "Changing Climates, Earth Systems and Society"
Springer | 2010 | ISBN: 904818715X | 360 pages | PDF | 12,2 MB

The part covers state-of-the-art considerations on how climate change has and force of ~ deliver impacts on major globalised biophysical and societal themes that volition affect the way the world functions.

Human activity has resul

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Alien Arena 2011 (2010-ENG)

Games #4
Alien Arena 2011 (2010-ENG)

Alien Arena 2011 (2010-ENG)
Language: English | PC | Developer/Publisher: COR Entertainment | 293 MB
Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person / TC / MOD
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Sci-fi-shooter, which is based on many ideas of the cult Quake 3 and Unreal Tournament. The main emphasis in Alien Arena placed on the dynamic mode is Deathmatch, the main and only purpose is killing everyone and everything. You can play with bots, and on the network against real opponents.
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Numeca FINE/Open 3.1-3

Software » Graphics & Design #5
Numeca FINE/Open 3.1-3
Numeca FINE/Open 3.1-3 | 4.1 Gb

NUMECA International, leading developer and provider of CFD software systems for the multi-physics design simulation and optimization of industrial products and processes, has released an update to NUMECA FINE/Open 3.1, is a powerful CFD Flow Integrated Environment dedicated to complex internal and external flows.[/center]
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Vilppu Studio HEAD ANATOMY

E-Books #6
Vilppu Studio HEAD ANATOMY
Vilppu Studio HEAD ANATOMY | 3CDs | 1.89 GB

The instructional DVDs are actual lectures, many of which were done as part of my regular classes. Demonstration tapes are not lectures but demonstrations with the camera following every action. These demonstrations are exactly what I give the students as were many of the drawings on the drawing pages of this web site. The DVD's are higher resolution than the video tapes and include extra features such as: Drawings by Glenn Vilppu and Models to draw from. Extra features will vary from DVD to DVD
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Teelan Exteriormodels Vol.12

Graphics #7
Teelan Exteriormodels Vol.12

Teelan Exteriormodels Vol.12
3D Models | .max (v-ray) + maps + psd 4000 pixel | 577 MB
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White Sofa Collection

Graphics #8
White Sofa Collection
White Sofa Collection
max | 3D models | 664 MB

There are 69 models about White Sofa.

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Cloud Security and Privacy

E-Books #9
Cloud Security and Privacy
Cloud Security and Privacy
O?Rei--y Media | ISBN: 0596802765 | PDF | 334 pages | 3.9 MB

Book Description
You may regard cloud computing as an ideal way for your company to control IT costs, but do you know how private and secure this service really is? Not many people do. With Cloud Security and Privacy, you?ll learn what?s at stake when you trust your data to the cloud, and what you can do to keep your virtual infrastructure and web applications secure.
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Viz-people : 3D Fabrics

Graphics #10
Viz-people : 3D Fabrics
Viz-people : 3D Fabrics
max | 3D models | 3.52 GB

Viz-People 3D Fabrics delivers 80 highly detailed 3d models of textiles in various forms.

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Evermotion - Archmodels vol. 81

Graphics #11
Evermotion - Archmodels vol. 81
Evermotion - Archmodels vol. 81
max | 3D models | 570 MB

This collection includes 40 highly detailed models of sport equipment with all textures, shaders and materials. It is ready to use, just put it into your scene.
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Apple Service Diagnostic 3S138

Software » For MacOSX #12
Apple Service Diagnostic 3S138

Apple Service Diagnostic 3S138 | 2.37 GB

Software Apple Service Diagnostics (ASD) is distributed to service providers for repair and maintenance products Apple. Annex Apple Service Diagnostics is designed to run EFI and Mac OS X tests from external USB-carriers. Apple Service Diagnostics (EFI) performs direct low-level tests of hardware for Apple computers and requires no operating system, while Apple Service Diagnostics (OS) uses the Mac OS X to run these tests.
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IAR Embedded Workbench for ARM v6.10.1.

Software #13

Compiler toward C / C
- One of the best compilers on the effectiveness of the digest;
- Full compatibility with ANSI C;
- Several models for the efficient allocation of fame;
- Optimization algorithms specifically for ARM-based microcontrollers;
- Language extensions for embedded systems.
- Integrated Macroassembler on account of real-time applications;
- Includes a compiler preprocessor for C.
- Supports f

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Race to the Rally (2010/ENG)

Games #14

Harley-Davidson Motorcycles Race to the Rally (2010/ENG)
 PC Game | Windows | ActivisionValue | Racing | 1.12 GB

Do you apprehend what a Harley Davidson? This is not just a motorcycle or chaffer mark is much more a - lifestyle. New scramble by companies Activision Value and Play Ten Interactive "Harley-Davidson: Lord of roads be plea

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Games #15

Gunship | PC Game | 418 mb

Russian Nationalism is back with a vengeance. Eastern Europe? Nothing less than the flashpoint for World War III. Russian forces be seized of amassed on one side, NATO on the other. You? You're well-nigh to deploy the most devastating weapon in the inventory of hostility: the helicopter GUNSHIP! Finesse, raw power, stealth and speed blended in a profoundly-wire balancin

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Total 911 - Issue 90, 2012

E-Books » Magazine #16
Total 911 - Issue 90, 2012
Total 911 - Issue 90, 2012
English | 116 pages | HQ PDF | 85.00 Mb

Total 911 is the world's only magazine dedicated to the Porsche 911. Each lavish issue celebrates this legendary sportscar with stunning photography plus detailed, entertaining and informative writing. All models of 911 are covered, from the sought-after classics to today's incredible supercars. Produced by true Porsche enthusiasts, Total 911 immerses you in the 911 world, with road tests on new models, profiles of owners' cars from around the world, great drives, technical advice, historic overviews, project cars, news and comment, and much more. Each issue also includes an invaluable Datafile containing details of every 911 ever built.
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Games #17

1NSANE PC | 600 mb
Genre: Racing | Published by: Codemasters | Developed by: Invictus Games, Ltd.

Are you crazy enough to go off-road with the true bullies of the demolition derbies? Choose one of more than 20 vehicles to take into competition against some seriously deranged foes. Enjoy awesome, 3D graphics as you try to bash your opponents into submission. There are no guns, bombs, homing missiles, or fireballs to help you out of this mess; you'll have to rely on good, old-fashioned strategy and strength. Up to eight players can get in on the derby via an Internet connection.
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Auto Express - 23 January 2013

E-Books » Magazine #18
Auto Express - 23 January 2013
Auto Express - 23 January 2013
English | 100 pages | True PDF | 35.50 Mb

Auto Express is Britain?s biggest-selling weekly car magazine. One of its core editorial pillars is news. In the past year, Auto Express has broken 40 world and UK new car exclusives on its front covers, and it is the leading title for first pictures and details of new models. A second pillar is car reviews. The editorial team tests more than 1,100 new cars every year, which is more than any other motoring magazine. The third key editorial pillar is the motorist. Auto Express is a consumer champion for Britain?s 35 million drivers, campaigning on major motoring issues such as fuel tax, insurance cons, speed cameras and safety issues.
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AppDev Buildling ASP NET MVC 2 Applications Using Visual C Sharp 2010 Volume 1 DVD

E-Books #19

AppDev Buildling ASP NET MVC 2 Applications Using Visual C Sharp 2010 Volume 1 DVD | 762MB Genre : eLearning

ASP.NET MVC is a fascinating technology that provides some alternative to Web forms for building Web applications. Instead of building pages using server controls that provide relatively little control over the HTML they extend, MVC gives you complete control. The course starts with

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Evermotion Archmodels Vol 82

Graphics #20
Evermotion Archmodels Vol 82

Evermotion Archmodels Vol 82
Up 3ds max9+Vray 1.50 RC3
High detailed models of kitchen appliances with all textures, shaders and materials. It is ready to use, just put it into your scene.
Evermotion Archmodels Vol 82 PDF:
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Nero 7 Premium Suite

Software #21
Nero 7 Premium Suite

Nero 7 Premium Suite | 355 MB

Nero - One of the best software packages to record on CD-R, CD-RW and DVD discs, but not only that: Nero 7 - is a versatile set of tools for working with data, music or sound, photographs, television and video. Allows you to use most of the models of drives, with the records as audio-CD, and "computer" drives, including boot, as well as video (formats Video CD and Super Video CD) and DVD.

Included in the package of programs have very great potential, and these are just some of them. Nero can write to multiple drives simultaneously, as is possible potrekovaya recording and copying the entire CD, there is direct conversion of MP3 and WMA files to audio tracks, a built-in audio filters, and WAV-editor boot disk can be written as a floppy or hard disk . Among other things, have their own means to create a cover CD.
Nero 7 Premium combines as much as 18 programs, including new items such as system control your TV and PC, powerful search and media content, backup and recovery, as well as support for new video formats Blu-Ray and HD-DVD.
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Evermotion Archmodels vol 117

Graphics #22
Evermotion Archmodels vol 117
Evermotion Archmodels vol 117
c4d | max | 3D models | 17.4 GB

Archmodels vol. 117 includes 56 highly detailed models of trees. All models are ready to use with textures and shaders.

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Trace Pro 7.0.1

Software #23
Trace  Pro 7.0.1
Trace Pro 7.0.1 | 373.76 MB
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TracePro is a comprehensive, versatile software tool for modeling the propagation of light in imaging and non imaging opto mechanical systems.
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Body Area Communications

E-Books #24
Body Area Communications
Body Area Communications
Wiley-IEEE Press (November 2012) | ISBN: 1118188489 | EPUB | 256 pages | 4.5 MB

Providing an introduction to the fundamentals of body area communications, this book covers the key topics of channel modeling, modulation and demodulation, and performance evaluation

A systematic introduction to body area networks (BAN), this book focuses on three major parts: channel modeling, modulation/demodulation communications performance, and electromagnetic compatibility considerations. The content is logically structured to lead readers from an introductory level through to in-depth and more advanced topics.
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Eclipsing Binary Stars: Modeling and Analysis (repost)

E-Books #25

Springer | 2009 | ISBN: 1441906983 | 428 pages | PDF | 5 MB

This work focuses on the formulation of mathematical models for the light curves of eclipsing dual stars, and on the algorithms for generating such models. Since complaint gained from binary systems provides much of what we know of the masses, luminosities, and radii of stars, such models

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