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VA - Dream & Chill (2012)

Music #1
VA - Dream & Chill (2012)
VA - Dream & Chill (2012)
Release: 2012 | Track: 25 (2CD) | Format: MP3 CBR 320 Kbps | Size: 353 MB
Genre: Dream House, Trance, ChillOut | Label: Zyx Music
Views: 0 Author: resident123 7-11-2012, 11:35 Comments (0) More

Farther Away Essays (Audiobook)

E-Books #2

Farther Away Essays (Audiobook)
Farther Away Essays (Audiobook) by Jonathan Franzen
English | 2012 | ISBN: 1427221480 | 8.5 hr. | MP3 64 kbps | 239 MB

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Gnuplot in Action

E-Books #3
Gnuplot in Action
Gnuplot in Action
Ma--ing Publications | ISBN: 1933988398 | PDF | 396 pages | 8.0 MB

Book Description
Statistical data is only as valuable as your ability to analyze, interpret, and present it in a meaningful way. Gnuplot is the most widely used program to plot and visualize data for Unix/Linux systems and it is also popular for Windows and the Mac.
Views: 0 Author: way_vs 31-12-2012, 23:45 Comments (0) More

Dead Rising 2 SKIDROW.

Games #4
Dead Rising 2 SKIDROW.

Dead Rising 2 SKIDROW l English l PC l Size 6.19 GB
Views: 0 Author: nhammen 27-10-2010, 06:42 Comments (0) More

SmartSVN Enterprise 6.5.10 (Win/Linux/MacOSX)

Software #5

SmartSVN Enterprise 6.5.10 (Win/Linux/MacOSX) | 50.19 Mb

SmartSVN is a graphical SVN client. It combines a mature user interface with the power of SVN (Subversion), providing professional translation control for everyone — on Windows.

Why you should use SmartSVN

SmartSVN makes general things easy (e.g. switching to another branch) and complex things feasible.

Views: 0 Author: Root 9-08-2010, 22:31 Comments (0) More

The Suffering.

Games #6

Release: 8 Jun 2004
Genre: Action (Adventure, Horror)
Developer: Surreal Software
Language: English
Size: 1.5 GB (10% repair)

The Suffering captures the disturbing and terrifying disposition of the horror genre in a compelling third-person action/contingency game set in the mature and gritty world of a greatest-security prison. You'll

Views: 0 Author: Root 5-01-2011, 15:32 Comments (0) More

Area 51 - RELOADED

Games #7

Area 51 - RELOADED from Rapidshare, Megaupload, HotFile, DepositFiles,, Megashares, Area 51 - RELOADED spontaneous Torrent Download & Crack Serial Keygen.

Area 51 - RELOADED


Area 51-RELOADED | 2.21 GB
The U.S. Army has believed a distress signal from Area 51 where a viral outbreak has true shut down the research facility and the automated quarantine

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Tenchu Z [5 Links][RF][7z]

Games #8

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios
Developer: K2 LLC
Genre: Historic Action Adventure
Release Date: Jun 12, 2007(else)
ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Partial Nudity, Violence
Connectivity: System Link
Resolution: 480p, 720p, Widescreen
Number of Players: 1 Player
Split Screen Offline Players: 4
Number of Online Players: 4 Online

Views: 0 Author: Root 16-02-2011, 00:33 Comments (0) More

Dividend Stocks For Dummies

E-Books #9
Dividend Stocks For Dummies
Lawrence Carrel, "Dividend Stocks For Dummies"
2010 | ISBN: 0470466014 | 360 pages | PDF | 4,5 MB

Expert advice on a mature, reliable way to invest money
According to Fortune magazine, investing in dividends is one of the top five ways to survive market instability. Dividend Stocks For Dummies gives you the expert information and advice you need to successfully add dividends to your investment portfolio, revealing how to make the most out of dividend stock investing-no matter the type of market.
Views: 0 Author: way_vs 2-04-2013, 04:25 Comments (0) More

Martin Eden [Audiobook]

E-Books #10

Martin Eden [Audiobook]

Martin Eden (Audiobook) by Jack London
English | July 13, 2012 | ASIN: B008LO71FE | MP3 VBR V4 | 14 hrs 35 mins | 488 MB

Views: 0 Author: voska89 18-07-2015, 15:45 Comments (0) More

Barak - Cryptobiosis

Music #11

Barak - Cryptobiosis
Artist: Barak
Title Of Album: Cryptobiosis
Year Of Release: 24.04.2015
Label: Hadra
Genre: Psychedelic
Quality: Mp3
Bitrate: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Joint-Stereo
Total Time: 01:00:55 min
Total Size: 143 MB

Views: 0 Author: voska89 26-04-2015, 23:22 Comments (0) More

Shank (2010) - KL

Games #12
Shank (2010) - KL

Shank (2010) - KL
Shank-CPY (PC/2010)
October 29, 2010 | Publisher: Electronic Arts | Developer: Klei Entertainment | PC | ISO | English | 1.75 GB
Genre: Action / Arcade
Views: 0 Author: kalong_12 29-10-2010, 18:51 Comments (0) More

Trinigy Vision SDK v7.6.3*

Software #13
Trinigy Vision SDK v7.6.3*

Trinigy Vision SDK v7.6.3 | 1.16 Gb

The company Trinigy, engaged in development of game engines, today announced Vision game engine version 7.6.3.The new SDK Vision (Vision SDK) provides a long list of new features, including improved lighting system, allowing you to create physically accurate lighting as stationary objects, and dynamic scenes, taking into account the effect of radiosity (indirect lighting), and normal maps.
Views: 0 Author: marry 29-03-2011, 11:03 Comments (0) More

Fontographer 5.2.2 Build 4766

Software » Office #14
Fontographer 5.2.2 Build 4766

Fontographer 5.2.2 Build 4766 | 17MB

With Fontographer its easy to design new typefaces and to customize existing fonts, and the result will be high-quality fonts that can reliably work across different operating systems. Fontographer is designed in order to help you easily create new fonts, customize existing ones, add extra characters, fine-tune spacing and kerning, fix problems in bad fonts and convert old fonts to a new format.
Views: 0 Author: aomua 17-04-2013, 21:46 Comments (0) More

The Simpsons Hit & Run Repacked

Games #15

Shelbyville Sharks", at the becoming place adorns the statue of Lard Lad'a - fat, which supports a donut at the stadium, "blameless today" show Truckasaurus, in advertising dog racing illuminates Santa's Little Helper (1989, rudimentary season), guard Willie chasing pigs, and Mr. Burns announces on the radio near the end of the day: "You are free, stupid

Views: 0 Author: Root 13-01-2011, 19:44 Comments (0) More

Ancient Wars: Sparta-ViTALiTY

Games #16
Ancient Wars: Sparta-ViTALiTY

Ancient Wars: Sparta-ViTALiTY

Tech Info
Publisher: Playlogic
Developer: WorldForge
Genre: Historic Real-Time Strategy
Release Date: Apr 24, 2007 (more)
Views: 0 Author: o0oquyethpo0o 29-03-2011, 04:14 Comments (0) More

Alpha Polaris-FLT

Games #17
Alpha Polaris-FLT

Size: 722.494 MB
Genre: Adventure
Publisher: The Games Company
Views: 0 Author: freshmasters 23-06-2011, 17:45 Comments (0) More

Risen KPS Multi-5 Repack.

Games #18
Risen KPS Multi-5 Repack.

Risen KPS Multi-5 Repack l PC l Size 868 MB

Publisher: Deep Silver
Developer: Piranha Bytes
Genre: Role-Playing
ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Strong Language, Use of Drugs, Violence, Sexual Themes

If you judge Risen on its first act alone, you may be convinced that a better title for this complex role-playing game would be "Errand Boy." But while you spend many of the early hours as a shipwrecked message courier, you should stick with it, because things do get better. You explore dark caverns, clash with pirates over buried treasure, stab lizardmen in their faces, and earn the help of a furry friend with a talented nose. Some of Risen's issues stay with you up to the end; there's no escaping the problematic combat and a number of bugs and presentation glitches. But a large and memorable cast of characters and an array of multilayered quests will keep you pushing forward. While it's too technically inconsistent to rise to the top of the genre, Risen still provides plenty of enjoyable adventuring for RPG lovers yearning for a game they can get lost in.
Views: 0 Author: marry 6-11-2010, 08:05 Comments (0) More

Driver Parallel Lines -ViTALiTY

Games #19
Driver Parallel Lines -ViTALiTY

Driver Parallel Lines -ViTALiTY l English l PC l Link 400 l Size 4.34 GB
Mirrors: hotfile , Fileserve ( Link 400 )

Publisher: Ubisoft
Developer: Reflections
Genre: Mission-based Driving
Views: 0 Author: nhammen 9-01-2011, 06:12 Comments (0) More

Devotchka - 100 Lovers (2011)

Music #20
Devotchka - 100 Lovers (2011)

Devotchka - 100 Lovers (2011)
Genre: Indie Rock | Label: Epitaph | 11 track | 105 MB
Views: 0 Author: longquyenct 7-04-2011, 19:57 Comments (0) More

Infernal - Full

Games #21
Infernal - Full

Infernal Full
Platform: PC | Publisher: Eidos Interactive | Developer: Metropolis Soft. | Type: ISO | Size: 1.64 Gb
Lang: Eng | ESRB: MATURE | ESRB Descriptors: Blood, Violence, Language
Genre: Fantasy Shooter

The story isnt improved by some rather clunky exposition the kind that holds up its hands apologetically and says I know Im a bit of rubbish, but I promise youll be shooting monks in the head in no time, really.And thats exactly what youll be doing, and probably having fun too, at least for a while.
Views: 0 Author: boeingbimbim 3-05-2011, 06:24 Comments (0) More

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology in the Young (repost)

E-Books #22

Clinical Cardiac Electrophysiology in the Young
Publisher: Springer-Verlag New York Inc. | ISBN: 0387291644 | issue 2006 | PDF | 320 pages | 10 mb

This text focuses on the adapted to practice, and theoretical when applicable, aspects of clinical electrophysiology of cardiac arrhythmias in the young. It represents a compiling of the clinical course, electrocardiograms,

Views: 0 Author: Root 25-12-2010, 07:27 Comments (0) More

Sniper: Path Of Vengeance

Games #23

Sniper: Path Of Vengeance | 384.9MB
Genre: Modern First-someone Shooter
Developer: Mirage Interactive
Publisher: Xicat Interactive
ESRB Descriptor: Blood, Strong Language, Violence

Somewhere in a damnable, and evil city, crime and corruption have destroyed any normal interval of life. One man walks the Path of Vengeance, carving a

Views: 0 Author: Root 5-12-2010, 23:09 Comments (0) More

Elmo - Connected (2015)

Music #24

Elmo - Connected (2015)
Artist: Elmo
Title Of Album: Connected
Year Of Release: 2015
Label: Five Missions More
Genre: Electronic, Pop, Dance, R&B/Soul
Quality: 320 Kbps
Total Time: 47:04 min
Total Size: 108 MB
WebSite: Album Preview

Views: 0 Author: voska89 28-06-2015, 10:23 Comments (0) More

Alpha polaris - (2011)

Games #25
Alpha polaris  -   (2011)
Alpha polaris (2011)
PC Game | Language: English | Producer/Developer: Turmoil Games | 723 MB
Genre: Adventure Hr
Views: 0 Author: Registerpro 28-06-2011, 00:22 Comments (0) More