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Chemistry, 8 edition

E-Books #1
Chemistry, 8 edition

Chemistry, 8 edition by Steven S. Zumdahl , Susan A. Zumdahl

Br..ks C-le | 2008 | ISBN: 0547125321 | 1184 pages | PDF | 169 MB

CHEMISTRY outlines chemistry basics using a thoughtful approach built on problem solving. The book speaks directly to the reader about how to approach and solve chemical problems?to learn to think like a chemist?so that they can apply the process of problem-solving to all aspects of their lives.
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Organic Chemistry, 4th Edition

E-Books #2

Organic Chemistry, 4th Edition

Organic Chemistry, 4th Edition
Francis A Carey,
English | 2000 | ISBN: 0072905018 | 1275 pages | PDF | 16,7 MB

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Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry (Topics in Physical Chemistry) by Jack Simons (Repost)

E-Books #3

Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry (Topics in Physical Chemistry) ~ the agency of Jack Simons (Repost)
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA; 1 edition (January 30, 1997) | ISBN: 0195082001 | Pages: 640 | PDF | 2.24 MB

Quantum Mechanics in Chemistry combines the pair introductory and modern quantum chemistry in a single volume. Unlike like books, which concentrate on quan

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Chemistry eBook Collection

E-Books #4

Chemistry eBook Collection
Chemistry eBook Collection
English | PDF | Collection | 558.21 Mb
Mirrors: Extabit | RapidGator | BitShare | Uploaded
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Hydrocarbon Chemistry

E-Books #5

Hydrocarbon Chemistry
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons | ISBN: 0471596825 | issue 2003 | DjVu | 894 pages | 7.8 mb

Seven years passed ago the publication of the first edition of our book. It is rewarding that the propitious reception of and interest in hydrocarbon chemistry called for a favor edition. All chapters were updated (generally considering literature throug

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Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry

E-Books #6

Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry

Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry
English | 2008 | ISBN: 0199204632 | 608 pages | PDF | 3,4 MB
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Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry by John D. Roberts

E-Books #7

Basic Principles of Organic Chemistry ~ dint of. John D. Roberts
Publisher: Addison-Wesley; 2 edition (July 1977) | ISBN: 0805383298 | Pages: 1615 | PDF | 68 MB

No determination in the history of organic chemistry has been as dynamic and causative of research accomplishment as the twelve years between the completion of the ~ and foremost and present editions of this tex

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Inorganic Chemistry (Instant Notes Series,) by P. A. Cox

E-Books #8

Inorganic Chemistry (Instant Notes Series,) through P. A. Cox
Publisher: BIOS Scientific Publishers; 1st edition (January 15, 2000) | ISBN: 0387916040 | Pages: 261 | PDF | 4.89 MB

"Instant Notes in Inorganic Chemistry" provides a terse yet comprehensive introduction to inorganic chemistry, providing easy access to the centre information in the field. Inorgani

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The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Quinoxalines: Supplement II by Desmond J. Brown

E-Books #9

The Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds, Quinoxalines: Supplement II ~ means of Desmond J. Brown
Publisher: Wiley-Interscience; 1 edition (January 22, 2004) | ISBN: 0471264954 | Pages: 510 | PDF | 2.59 MB

This mass in the Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds series presents a comprehensive re-examination of the quinoxaline literature from 1975 to the present (2002), upda

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Cancer (Topics in Medicinal Chemistry) by Rob Bradbury

E-Books #10

Cancer (Topics in Medicinal Chemistry) ~ dint of. Rob Bradbury
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (March 29, 2007) | ISBN: 3540331190 | Pages: 451 | PDF | 5.89 MB

This mass reviews advances in cancer chemotherapy research over the last 10 years. Chapters written through leading experts in their field reflect a range of current healing chemistry approaches to small molecule

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Holt Chemistry

E-Books #11
Holt Chemistry

Holt Chemistry

Publisher: Holt McDougal | ISBN: 0030391075 | edition 2006 | PDF | 928 pages | 26,5 mb

Sample Problems, followed by associated Practice problems, build your reasoning and problem-solving skills by guiding you through explicit example problems.
Skills Toolkits provide step-by-step instructions or graphic organizers to help you learn how to solve problems.
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Steroid Chemistry at a Glance

E-Books #12

Steroid Chemistry at a Glance

Steroid Chemistry at a Glance
2011-01-11 | ISBN: 0470660856 | 152 pages | PDF | 6 MB

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CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions, Second Edition

E-Books #13

CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions, Second Edition
Publisher: Apress | 2009 | PDF | 366 pages | ISBN: 1430223979 | 9.1Mb

Building up~ the body what made the first edition a bestseller, CSS Mastery: Advanced Web Standards Solutions, Second Edition unites the disparate intelligence on CSS-based design spread throughout the internet into one unconditional, modern guide.

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Organic Chemistry, 5 edition

E-Books #14
Organic Chemistry, 5 edition

Organic Chemistry, 5 edition by William H. Brown, Christopher S. Foote, Brent L. Iverson, Eric Anslyn

Brooks Cole | 2008 | ISBN: 0495388572 | 1232 pages | PDF | 212 Mb

An excellent introduction for chemistry, biology, and premed majors, ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Fifth Edition, delivers cutting-edge coverage that is packed with student-friendly features. Offering a clear presentation, the book offsets reaction mechanisms in a stepwise fashion and emphasizes similarities between related mechanisms. And, for the first time, it introduces organic chemistry of sulfur and phosphorus. ORGANIC CHEMISTRY, Fifth Edition, is renowned for its unified mechanistic themes, emphasis on biological examples, use of applied problems from the pharmaceutical field, and unrivaled full-color visuals.
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Calixarenes 2001 by M.-Z. Asfari

E-Books #15

Calixarenes 2001 ~ means of M.-Z. Asfari
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (May 31, 2001) | ISBN: 0792369602 | Pages: 700 | PDF | 25.69 MB

Calixarene chemistry, at the alteration of the millennium, is a field approaching true maturity. In sundry areas, applications are real and important, and the arsenal of structures based forward calixarenes provides tools effective in n

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Organic Chemistry by John McMurry

E-Books #16

Organic Chemistry by John McMurry
Publisher: Thomson Brooks/Cole; 5th edition (September 8, 1999) | ISBN: 0534373666 | Pages: 1376 | PDF | 83 MB

Widely and consistently praised considered in the state of the most clearly written book on the market. Why? In John McMurry's words: "I have been asked hundreds of times over the more than ten years why I wrote this book.

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Chemistry: The Impure Science

E-Books #17
Chemistry: The Impure Science

Chemistry: The Impure Science
Imperial College Press | English | 2008-10-16 | ISBN: 1848162251 | 268 pages | PDF | 12,2 MB

This book uses history to introduce central issues in the philosophy of chemistry. Mobilizing the theme of impurity, it explores the tradition of chemistry s negative image. It then argues for the positive philosophical value of chemistry, reflecting its characteristic practical engagement with the material world. The book concludes with some ethical reflections concerning chemistry s orientations in the twenty-first century.
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WaveFunction Spartan 14 v1.1.2

Software » Graphics & Design #18
WaveFunction Spartan 14 v1.1.2

WaveFunction Spartan 14 v1.1.2 | 665 MB

SpartanModel is an "Electronic Model Kit". Making use of computer technology, SpartanModel replaces the "plastic models" used by past generations of organic chemistry students, and extends the utility of molecular models in chemistry education.
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Chemistry Problem Solver

E-Books #19
Chemistry Problem Solver

Chemistry Problem Solver by A. Lamont Tyler

Research & Education Association | 2004 | ISBN: 0878915095 | 1056 pages | PDF | 35 MB

Intend ed for those taking General Chemistry I, II, and III. Numerous examples with step-by-step details are given under each major and minor topic. Included also are thorough sections on thermodynamics, electrochemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and nuclear chemistry.
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Glencoe Physical Science, Student Edition

E-Books #20

Glencoe Physical Science, Student Edition
Publisher: Glencoe/McGraw-Hill; 2 impression | ISBN : 0078600510 | January 29, 2004 | 894 pages | PDF | 102MB

Give every student a deeper understanding of physical science!!!
Glencoe Physical Science integrates correct and comprehensive coverage of physics and chemistry with mathematics through accessible theme, engaging features, and

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Vitamin D, Third Edition

E-Books #21

Vitamin D, Third Edition

Vitamin D, Third Edition
English | 2011 | ISBN: 0123819784 | 2144 pages | PDF | 35,4 MB
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Optical Chemical Sensors (NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) by F. Baldini

E-Books #22

Optical Chemical Sensors (NATO Science Series II: Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry) by F. Baldini
Publisher: Springer; 1 edition (April 26, 2006) | ISBN: 1402046103 | Pages: 535 | PDF | 11.03 MB

This work covers optical chemical sensing by means of optical waveguides, from the fundamentals to the ~ly recent applications. The book includes a historical review of the un

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Chemistry from First Principles (Repost)

E-Books #23

Chemistry from First Principles By Jan C. A. Boeyens
Publisher: S prin ger 2008 | 322 Pages | ISBN: 1402085451 | PDF | 4 MB

"Chemistry from First Principles" examines the air of matter in its most primitive form. It features the empirical rules of chemical connection. that regulate the synthesis and properties of molecular matter, analyzes the compatibility of

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Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume 6 by Alan R. Katritzky

E-Books #24

Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry Volume 6 ~ the agency of Alan R. Katritzky
Publisher: Pergamon Press | 1997 | ISBN: 0080420729 | Pages: 1173 | DJVU | 9.1 MB

Since its blazon in 1984, Comprehensive Heterocyclic Chemistry (CHEC) has become the standard toil on the subject, indispensable to all serious readers in the multitudinous areas at what place heterocycles are

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Chemistry of Spices

E-Books #25
Chemistry of Spices

Chemistry of Spices
Publisher: CABI | ISBN: 1845934059 | edition 2008 | PDF | 464 pages | 14 mb

Spices are high value, export-oriented crops used extensively in food and beverage flavourings, medicines, cosmetics and perfumes. Interest is growing however in the theoretical and practical aspects of the biosynthetic mechanisms of active components in spices as well as the relationship between the biological activity and chemical structure of these secondary metabolites. A wide variety of phenolic substances and amides derived from spices have been found to possess potent chemopreventive, anti-mutagenic, anti-oxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties.
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